Library Organizer

You’ll be so happy when your old Home Library feels new again!

This is your chance to take control of those wayward piles, boxes, and disorganized shelves of your wonderful books!

We’ll start by considering the spaces you are hoping to fix or fill and gather all the necessary books from wherever they may be hiding in your house. Next, we’ll plan an organization scheme that works for your life:

Do you want your books arranged by genre? author? color? size? Maybe some books belong in one room, and others somewhere else. Each collection has its own unique way to reflect your true Self.

Finally, as we install your newly organized collection, we’ll make sure each book has its place in your life.

The Library Stylist will make sure any books that need to be rehomed are donated to local reading groups to bring joy to someone new.

Expect this to be a fun, fulfilling 4-5 hour day.

Shopping local…

The Library Stylist uses local bookstores and personally-trusted used-book sellers whenever I can. If you have a favorite indie bookshop, let me know! I would love to get to know them and keep your business there! And if you don’t have a favorite independent bookseller, I’m happy to recommend some of my favorites in Chicago and beyond!