Library Guru

Your Perfect Home Library, from Idea to Reality in no time at all!

The “Library Guru” package begins with a personal consultation and ends with you enjoying your new Home Library. 
After our meeting, you’ll have a chance to review of draft of your new, custom book collection before I head out to acquire the books themselves. Our final meeting includes the complete, exciting installation of your dream Home Library space!

Home Library consultation

We’ll schedule a one-on-one, in-person Home Library consultation to talk about the books you love, the ones you have held onto over the years, the ones you have let go. What is your favorite book? Your least favorite? Your go-to genre? Are we designing for a special collection (starting your child’s first Library; filling that shelf in your new kitchen with the best cookbooks) or a special moment (Summer vacation; Retirement)? These questions and more will help me learn exactly what your Library Style is!

Designing Your Collection

After our conversation, I’ll curate a collection of amazing books based on your Home Library needs, literary interests, and the exact book spaces you are ready to fill. With this flexible service, we can bring both new and older, unique books into your collection if you so desire. I will provide you with a preliminary overview of the list as well as an estimate of the book costs before purchase. As with the “Library Guide” package, I will include personalized notes on several books in your custom list.

Installing Your Library

The final step of the Library Guru service is the purchase and installation of your new Home Library! You clear the space; I’ll bring the books!  We’ll coordinate the new books with the old, update your Home Library organization as needed, and leave you with a beautiful, fulfilling new space in your Home that speaks to your heart. You can help as little or as much as you like as we fill in your shelves with your beautiful collection. Delivery and installation take the heavy-lifting off of your shoulders and let you sit back to enjoy your new books in no time!

Shopping local…

The Library Stylist uses local bookstores and personally-trusted used-book sellers whenever I can. If you have a favorite indie bookshop, let me know! I would love to get to know them and keep your business there! And if you don’t have a favorite independent bookseller, I’m happy to recommend some of my favorites in Chicago and beyond!