Library Fairy

A unique and special way to show you care!

As the “Library Fairy,” the Library Stylist brings the magic of a custom Home Library bookshelf to the ones you love.
A great gift for all ages!

Home Library consultation & Book-list

Give the gift of the “Library Guide!” A one-on-one meeting with the Library Stylist can happen in-person as well as on Skype, Facetime, or Google, so I can design the perfect, custom book-list with your friends and family across the country or around the world! We’ll talk about what shelves need to be filled and your recipieint will get a personalized list of books to bring them joy all year long.

Custom Book Parcels

Recalling the Book Parcels I used to recieve from a magical bookshop in Ireland, the Library Stylist offers quarterly Book Parcels for the modern reader. 3-4 times a year, your recipient will open a box of books curated just for him/her. Selections will be drawn from fiction, non-fiction or both, and reflect what’s trending as well as some excellent books from the past that might have been overlooked.

Shopping local…

The Library Stylist uses local bookstores and personally-trusted used-book sellers whenever I can. If you have a favorite indie bookshop, let me know! I would love to get to know them and keep your business there! And if you don’t have a favorite independent bookseller, I’m happy to recommend some of my favorites in Chicago and beyond!