The Finishing Touches

As an interior designer, you know how important every small detail of a design is to your client’s happiness. You partner with specialists whose intimate knowledge of particular design elements enhances the overall success of your project. The Library Stylist specializes in creating custom Home Library collections that fill the beautiful new bookshelves in your excellent new interiors. 

You have designed the perfect living room for your client, but they just don’t have enough or the right books to fill those shelves. Or maybe it’s a kitchen with a new show-case for cookbooks; your client would like something on that shelf that mirrors the new heart of their home. A bedroom redesign needs books on the shelves that fill your client with the sense of warmth and home. When you are working down to the finest detail to give your client their perfect new space, partner with The Library Stylist and let me handle the books. 

Custom Book Collections

From 20 books to 2000, I work with your budget and your client’s needs to craft the perfect book collection that reflects the spirit of their new space and blends aesthetically with your design as well. Curated topics range from classics to cookbooks to children’s first libraries. My personal, one-on-one approach helps me know your client as a unique Reader and allows me to tailor collections to their exact needs and literary aspirations.

Keeping it local…

I work closely with local bookstores and trusted used-book sellers whenever I can. If your client has a favorite independent bookshop, I am happy to get to know them and keep their business there!