About me & My Library Style

They say that the eyes are the window into the soul. I think that’s not quite true. Your books reveal who you really are! 

About the Library Stylist

A lifetime book-lover, I spent a decade buried deep under books for my PhD in Art History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As an Art Historian, I specialize in how people collect and display important objects, whether at home or in a museum. This means I am trained to not only read books, but also to see and to know them as powerful, intimate, personal objects. 

After several years teaching the next generation of artists and historians at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I decided to channel my passion for collecting and displaying books into The Library Stylist, working one-on-one with you to help you create your Library Style. My clients know who they are or who they want to be and it is my job to fill their lives with the books that reveal that most clearly.

If your empty shelves are calling you, call me and we’ll fill them in no time.

My Library Style

I’ve gotten lost in European archives, exquisite national and neighborhood libraries, dusty museum basements, and even friends’ cozy personal collections. In every instance, I encountered books that reflected the spirit of a place. I bring mementos of these experiences home with me to grow my own Home Library. There are few independent bookstores in my travels that I haven’t found a treasure in, or antique shops where a particularly beautiful cover or comical title hasn’t called my name. 

The largest section of my personal collection takes up two full walls of my dining room. The books on those shelves are my Identity. Each one, from classic literature to autobiography, from beach read to cookbook to New York Times bestseller, creates the kaleidoscope of color, theme, and memory that I recognize as me. I obsess over their placement, their visibility, their accessibility in the same way other people worry about conversations they’ve had or what clothes to wear to an event. I know my books by cover, by favorite passage, or sometimes even by remembering how bad they are! When you come to my house, the best way to know me is from my books.